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S/P2 Shop Sustainability Training Package Bundle

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This training package is designed to help any automotive facility save money as it improves its green practices and reduce its carbon footprint.


Environmental responsibility can mean big savings to your organization, putting money back in your pocket by making small changes with a big impact. Learn how you and your staff can increase your bottom line, while being environmentally conscious.


Use this course bundle to empower your staff with key practices that increase your shop’s profit while decreasing your energy usage. Small changes can make a big impact on your bottom line!


Included in S/P2 Sustainability are 12 courses:

  • Green Strategies: 10 Sustainability Measures Shops can Tackle Today (20 minutes)
  • Assembling a Green Team (15 minutes)
  • Shop-Keeping for Sustainable Results (17 minutes)
  • Lighting Tips for Green Facilities (30 minutes)
  • HVAC and the Building Envelope (30 minutes)
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (25 minutes)
  • Employee Benefits and Buy-In (17 minutes)
  • Water Conservation (20 minutes)
  • Marketing Your Green Shop (16.5 minutes)
  • Managing Your Waste Stream (31.5 minutes)
  • A Focus on Green Purchasing (20 minutes)
  • The Big Green Picture (17 minutes)


Train ALL your staff under one roof for one full year for only $399!


Note: Times listed are audio times.